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tv   Through the Decades  CBS  February 1, 2016 11:00pm-12:00am MST

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where are you? i have a warrant for this man's arrest. now, doctor, as i am sure you are aware, there are laws related to the aiding and abetting of a fugitive. let me make them clear to you now. >> i am not going to jail for this! marsha, i am so sorry. i apologize. do you have a pen? i'll give you the address. (cheers and applause) >> stephen: it's getting incredible reviews. what is shapiro. was he actually the smartest guy in the room or did he know how to hire the smartest guys in the room? >> i think he knew how to hire the smartest guys in the room. he's audacious and i think that mixture allowed him to -- i think some lawyers, their ability is to choose well experts in other areas.
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ring master in that scene. >> exactly. and i think he was. >> stephen: courtney, why do you think johnny cochran took this case? was he doing this for personal glory? was this personal for him trying to vindicate an african-american who is accused of something after so often african-americans were falsely accused in his mind? >> initially, he wasn't going to do it. his wife was the one -- that's one of the beauties of doing this project is that you start to see all the wonderful things that you didn't know about before. i think he cut his teeth on these kinds of cases. wilier and others who were abused by the lapd. he would step in and help and try to vindicate these people. this was a case he thought he couldn't win and wasn't going to do it.
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better take another look at this case. so he did. i think he really went in, trying to make sure that all the things that happened, emmett till, rosa parks, martin luther king, all the things where people didn't have a voice, he said, i'm going to step in for them. african-americans were celebrating johnny cochran and the victory over the injustices of the past. >> stephen: i'm surprised it took this long to tell the story. i'm looking forward to it and thank you so much for being here. >> oh, you're welcome! >> stephen: john travolta, courtney b. vance! "the people v. o.j. simpson: american crime story"! premieres tomorrow at 10:00 p.m. on fx. we'll be right back. (cheers and applause) woman: i' ll never remember all the projects, presentations, or meetings i gave up my nights for. (music' s drums intensify)
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>> stephen: welcome back, everybody! (cheers and applause) you know what? i realize i have a little crush on this show. i think she's kind of cute. hope she likes me back. i love how this show allows me to talk about so many of my personal interests: politics, science, the rehydrating boost of mountain dew kickstart. but sometimes i long to talk about something deeper with another deep person. and when i get the urge to scratch my deep itch -- or my
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stars!" (cheers and applause) (night sounds like frogs, crickets, etc.) it's such a beautiful night. i love listening to all those frogs. (reveal kermit) (cheers and applause) >> yep, yep! thank you, stephen. i love listening to you, too. >> stephen: you ever wonder, why we're here? >> i think your people reached out to my agent. pretty sure about that. yep. >> stephen: hey, kermit the
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>> yes, stephen the person? >> stephen: if you had a time machine and could go back, what would you tell your childhood self? >> just wait. you are going to love growing legs. >> stephen: oh, yeah. yeah. >> stephen: i bet that really comes as a surprise. >> pretty tough when your tail falls off. >> stephen: yeah. >> stephen: kermit, can i ask you something man to frog? >> sure. >> stephen: is it truly better to give than to receive? >> yes, unless it's high fives, then everybody wins. you know what i'm saying? give me one. give me one. how's that? i think we made that work. (laughter) >> stephen: what's the biggest number you can think of? >> oh... eight.
11:09 pm
well, listen, pal. you haven't seen it in person. it's huge! hey, stephen, what's your biggest regret? >> stephen: oh, not inventing suitcase wheels. right? >> stephen: right in front of us the whole time. >> yeah. >> stephen: could have made a lot of money! >> yeah, couple of wheels. >> stephen: yeah. ehearings stephen, do you ever think of how statistically, of course, we are breathing the same air molecules albert einstein once breathed? ahhh! >> stephen: mmm... i was wondering what that smell was. >> yeah, it's not bad, just like an older book or something. >> stephen: yeah. what is the sound of one handclapping? >> well, i figure it's something
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you know? >> stephen: i can't hear you over your hand. >> yeah, good point. stephen, what is it that makes you you? >> stephen: oh, i think it's 12 writers and two hours of makeup. >> oh, yeah, yeah. yeah. yep, yep. >> stephen: hey, kermit? yeah, buddy? >> stephen: do you think money can buy happiness? >> i sure hope not. you're talking to a guy who doesn't have any pockets. (laughter) >> stephen: or might i point >> true, true. yeah, something like that. (clears throat) you know what, how many roads must a man walk down before you can call him a man? >> stephen: oh, that's simple -- to get to the other side. wow. >> stephen: kermit? yep? >> stephen: what's your biggest regret? >> signing up for high school
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(laughter) (cheers and applause) makes me want to cross my legs again. >> stephen: yeah. yep. >> stephen: kermit, do you think we have free will, or is there someone controlling our every movement? >> well, i guess i never thought about it. hey, stephen? >> stephen: yes, kermit? >> do you ever get the feeling that you're being watched? >> stephen: i hope so. after all, i'm on television. (cheers and applause) and so are the muppets, tuesdays at 8:30 pm on abc. kermit the frog, everybody. (cheers and applause)
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,, ,, ,, (cheers and applause)
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everybody! my next guest is a harvard business school psychologist and author who introduced the world to the power of the wonder woman pose. please welcome amy cuddy. (cheers and applause) okay. as i said, you're a harvard business school psychologist. and look at you power posing at me! hold on! thank you for being here! (cheers and applause) what's up? how are ya? what's going on? i'm perfectly at ease with you being here and being powerful. you have a new book. it's called "present: bringing your bolderself to your biggest
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but a lot of people know you for your power poses. what's a power pose? >> like if you won first place in a race and crossed the finish line, what would you do with your body? >> stephen: whoo! thank you. >> stephen: and then i would go straight to the hospital, because i don't run a lot. >> that's a power pose. power poses are postures we adopt when we feel really confident and powerful. we expand, we take up a lot of space just like other animals do. wonder woman, great example. this one, victory, great example. >> stephen: what about man-spreading. is that a power pose? >> sadly, it is. i have gotten a couple of nasty e-mails from people in the world saying thanks a lot for man-spreading. i don't think i spread, but it was out there before. >> stephen: i wouldn't recommend it tonight. >> definitely not. >> stephen: so over 30 million people have watched your ted talk on the power of body language. >> yeah.
11:17 pm
watched ted talk of all times (cheers and applause) what's the first? what's the first one? let's trash talk that first one for a second. >> i would never trash talk the first one. it's by tim robinson on education -- >> stephen: blah, blah, blah, blah, blah (laughter) >> yeah. >> stephen: you're number one, over the top. it sounds like what you're saying is that whoo! is from i won. but if i just go whoo! i'll feel like i wonly did or not? >> you've probably heard if you smile it can make you feel happy. (cheers and applause) >> stephen: i hadn't heard that. (laughter) can it really? >> may make you feel creepy, but --
11:18 pm
that makes me happy! so, i mean, are we talking mind-body connection sneer. connection. >> stephen: the body goes first? >> sometimes. >> stephen: mm-hmm. we know our expressions are reflecting what we feel but it's also true what we feel is reflecting what we do with our bodies. >> stephen: can you teach me something to make me feel a certain way? >> i could, but let me just tell you it's more important for us to just sit up straight. there aren't many times we need to use these very powerful postures, and the amazing thing is just sitting up straight, having your chest open and your shoulders back has an effect on your mood and on -- >> stephen: hello, how are you? (laughter) >> and on how you perform. the big thing is that -- (laughter) now i feel good. now i feel better. >> stephen: because aim little lower.
11:19 pm
>> stephen: exactly. so i'm sitting up straight. >> what happens is that, when people go into these dreadful situations, they tend to make themselves tiny like a terrified animal. (laughter) exactly, exactly. now, touch your face. like this. >> stephen: like this? when we go into stressful situations, even though the only real risk is that we will be socially ostracized, which is a big risk -- >> stephen: sure! -- but our bodies go into this powerless frightened animal pose that makes us feel like we're about to be attacked by a predator. most situations are not that bad. we might not get the job, the role or do well on the test but we're not going to be pounced on by a tiger and taken by the neck. >> stephen: wow... o we're overreacting and going into this total fight or
11:20 pm
need to be in to deal well with in these situations. >> stephen: let's say i were host ago live show after the super bowl on sunday night, and i need add boost of confidence before i did it. what pose would you suggest that i take before the show? >> would there be other humans present? >> stephen: if you call them humans (laughter) >> we can practice. >> stephen: we have time for one good one. >> lean back. i want the feet up on the desk. >> stephen: okay. cross the ankles. >> stephen: okay, sure. now lean back, hands behind your head. there you go. a little bit further back. >> stephen: a little bit further back? (cheers and applause) >> there you go. >> stephen: there you go. look off into the distance. >> stephen: huh? look off into the distance.
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that's it, you've got it. amy, ever wonder why we're here? (laughter) amy cuddy's book, presence, bringing your boldestself to your biggest challenges. out now. amy cuddy. we'll be right back. (cheers and applause) but bricks and mortar, paper and ink. its eyes couldn't see. its heart couldn't beat. it was too big to fail. and too big to succeed. this is the beginning of a bankless world.
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>> stephen: my next guest is making his television debut tonight. singing, "break my heart sweetly," please welcome john moreland! (cheers and applause) i swore the days were over courting empty dreams
11:29 pm
of losing everything and the guard i held together is losing all its shape and in my head you look so gorgeous it's keeping me awake there's a scar on my soul so let me down easy break my heart sweetly like you always do i guess i can't let go til you wreck me completely break my heart sweetly drape me in blue
11:30 pm
i thought i had a home life went and broke me open cause i carried it alone i'm finding all this well worn sadness i never knew i kept and i still chase you into heartache every time you take a step there's a scar on my soul so let me down easy break my heart sweetly like you always do i guess i can't let go til you wreck me completely
11:31 pm
drape me in blue i swore the days were over courting empty dreams i worshiped at the altar of losing everything and you had a halo made of diamonds resting on your head i should be dealing with my demons but i'm dodging them instead there's a scar on my soul so let me down easy break my heart sweetly like you always do
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til you wreck me completely break my heart sweetly drape me in blue (cheers and applause) >> stephen: john moreland's album, "high on tulsa heat" is out now! john moreland, everybody! we'll be right back.
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>> stephen: that's it for the late show. tune in tomorrow, when my guests will be david schwimmer, pastor joel osteen, and a musical performance by m. ward. now stick around for james corden. goodnight!
11:35 pm
ladies and gentlemen all the way from washington, give it up for your host the one, the only, james corden! [cheers and applause] >> james: hello. good evening, welcome. nice to see you. thank you for staying up for us. ladies and gentlemen you can feel the electricity in the air. that's right it's 12:30 a.m. which means right now it is officially the biggest holiday of the year it's groundhog day. [cheers and applause]{ >> james: you know how it works if a groundhog sees its shadow it will be a long winter if he
11:36 pm
and if the groundhog humps your leg it's a dog and you should stop buying them on craigslist and a new study found purchl purchl phil >> punxsutawney phil is wrong 61% of the time. in los angeles we have a different version of groundhog day where if a real{ housewife sees her crows feet it will be six more weeks of plastic surgery. in england we don't even have groundhog day. it doesn't exist. we have a weird thing called meteorologists. that's what we do weather-wise. shall we have a look and see who our guests are?
11:37 pm
hilarious actor you know him from the interview, veep, trainwreck the delightful randall park. how are you? >> hi, james. >> james: wow, this is some good posture. >> yeah. in honor of cirque du soleil. >> james: this is impressive. look. that's amazing. >> we'll have a fun one tonight. >> james: ladies and gentlemen, mr. randall park. and in the blue room you know his gorgeous face from eight seasons of the hit tv show, castle, mr. nathan fillion is here. how are you? nice to see you. >> there's a sweet old lady selling these under the freeway i thought i'd pick you up one.
11:38 pm
>> i'll leave it here. >> james: they said you were the sweet jest sweetest. i didn't know this sweet. and for cirque du soleil has created jaw-dropping performances and kurios is here tonight. oh, my word. wow. wow. they didn't even know we'd be filming. they've been doing that all afternoon. kurios kurios, ladies and gentlemen. let's begin.
11:39 pm
>> ladies and gentlemen, all the way from washington, give it up for your host, the one, the only, james corden! captioning sponsored by cbs >> james: welcome to the late, late show. thanks for staying up for us. ladies and gentlemen you can feel -- you can feel the electricity in the air. that's right it's 12:30 a.m. which means that right now it's officially the biggest hall dave -- holiday of the year. it's groundhog day.
11:40 pm
i feel like we've done this. we've already done this, right? we've done this. >> in rehearsal we did it, yeah. >> james: you guys know how it work, right? if the groundhog sees its shadow it will be a long winter. if he doesn't it will be an early spring and if the groundhog barks and humps your leg it's a dog and you should stop buying groundhogs on craigslist. are you saying you haven't heard these? do the jokes feel fresh to you? >> i mean, have they ever? [laughter] i'm just saying your style is like the fail -- >> james: well, that seems like
11:41 pm
different -- you're saying this is -- we just -- really? because it -- in los angeles we have a different version of groundhog day where if a real housewife sees her crows feet it will be six more weeks of plastic surgery. [laughter] >> james: in england we don't even have groundhog day. we just -- we have something called meteorologists. that's how we sort of find out or weather -- what we -- shall we have a look and see who our guests are on the show tonight? [cheers and applause] >> james: in the orange room he's a hilarious actor from the
11:42 pm
trainwreck the brilliant and{ delightful mr. randall park is here tonight. no, no, no. >> hey, james. >> james: you did it like that. i've seen this. i've done this. >> it's a mug. in honor of cirque du soleil. >> james: no, we already did this, didn't we? >> what are you talking about? we're going to have fun tonight. >> james: okay. randall parks, everybody. in the blue room tonight you know his handsome face from eight seasons of the history tv show castle, the one, the only, mr. nathan fillion. hey, nathan. how are you? >> i want to be presumptuous but there was a sweet lady selling these under the freeway.
11:43 pm
>> james: right, this not a day ja{ view. reggie, come on, back me up. we've done this. nathan fillion, everybody. cirque du soleil has held productions around the world the guy with the thing. jumping on an and it's kurios. reggie, are you ready to do this. this is "the late, late show."
11:44 pm
washington give it up for your host, the one, the only , james corden! [cheers and applause] >> james: shut up. this is a joke, right? this is a joke, right? come on now. you know -- because it's groundhog -- >> what? >> james: we just did it for the monologue. what is going on? >> jokes are in the prompter. >> james: no, i know. they were in the prompter the
11:45 pm
>> jokes are in the prompter. >> james: i know, housewives and groundhogs. why are you laughing? why are you not freaked out by this? go to the dressing room and he's going to come out and randall park has a mug on his head. watch. >> hey, james. >> james: and nathan fillion is going to come to the door. it wasn't even that funny the first time. from from a little old lady. >> hey, james i was on my way here and a little old lady was selling these. i got you one. >> james: and then cirque du soleil, someone's on the couch jumping. watch. that's great.
11:46 pm
roll the titles. >> ladies and gentlemen, all the way from washington give it up for your host, the one, the only, james corden! >> james: i'll just stop the show. i'll just do that. >> james, are you going to do the monologue like in rehearsal? >> james: one of my ultra fresh not lame at all monologues. don't you worry. you made it -- no, i know what's going to happen and i realize i'm stuck in some kind of cyclical hel because i mentioned
11:47 pm
rude and didn't mean to be and i'm sorry but i'm not doing the monologue and guest check in because this is what happens every time i say roll the title. >> ladies and gentlemen, all the way from washington, give it up for your host, the one, the only, james corden! >> james: no, we're not going to do it. no. i'm not doing it. go to commercial. go to a commercial.
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announcement: this storm promises to be the biggest of the decade. with total accumulation roads will be shut down indefinitely. campbell's soups go great with a cold and a nice red.
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,, ,, (cheers and applause). >> james: welcome back. welcome back. we've got a very exciting week this week. cuz on sunday night we are doing a giant super bowl special right here after the super bowl. we have a big show planned. it's so exciting. reggie, you must be excited about the super bowl. a big sports guy, football guy.
11:52 pm
>> james: yeah, you know, big super bowl guy, right? you are well into it. >> reggie: man, it's like, what? is it shall-- . >> james: yeah. >> reggie: you no he what i'm saying? >> james: now it is a super bowl. there is no desighing it. listen, there are always emcees-- often pick the winners of these event. we have one here tonight. it's time for reggie's picks. reggie picks reggie pick it's reggie's pick snoatd my pick. >> james: with the big game there is all these different betting opportunities. so reggie, we're going to start with the big one. who do you think is going to win the super bowl on sunday. without do you think is playing
11:53 pm
>> the texas cowboys versus probably the greenbacks. >> james: the greenbacks. it is actually not. it's-- . >> reggie: close? >> james: well, really, not at all. no, i tell how is playing. the denver broncos are playing against the carolina panthers. who is going to win, the broncos or the panthers. >> panthers. >> james: why? >> sounds cool. >> james: wow. there's a gift to be made of that right there. the carolina panthers. yeah. looks more like a house cat than a panther, if i'm honest. so you are going with the panthers. the winner isn't the only thing you can bet on. there are also loads of fun bets you can do. these are actual bets that you can make in vegas. for example, will the opening coin toss land heads or tails, reggie, what do you think?
11:54 pm
>> james: why heads? >> reggie: cuz it sounds good. >> james: you think it sounds better than tails? >> reggie: heads. i mean-- when you say it like that, yeah, absolutely. >> james: heads. >> i'm going heads. >> james: i'll go a little heads. >> uh-huh. >> james: there you go. you have he's it, it's heads. you can bank on that, people. now you can, here is another thing. you can really bet on this. you can actually bet on the duration of the national anthem. now the national anthem before the game is veried in length over the years. the longest was two minutes and 40 seconds sung by alecia keys which means she must have been bebonning-- bebopping and scatting all over the whole thing. but this year the over under has seconds. that. she went over. she stopped at two minutes and 4 seconds. she literally could not let it go.
11:55 pm
will the national anthem be longer than two minutes and 2.5 seconds. >> who's singing it? >> well, i can actually show. cuz it's not been announced yet but they let us announce it right here on the show. >> reggie: oh. >> james: i know, right? (cheers and applause). >> okay. >> james: i just completely made that up. (laughter). >> james: no, it is. obviously i'm kidding. what, are you saying, longer or shorter? bearing in mind that it's not not mariah carry. >> even if there is a five percent chance that it is mariah carry, it's definitely going over. >> james: so you are saying over 2.25, so there you go. take to that the bank. now moving on to the halftime show, coldplay is performing.
11:56 pm
what song does coldplay open with for the halftime show. adventure of a lifetime is two to one. viva la vida nine to two an fix shoe is is of to 4. what do you think regional. >> reggie: i only know one of those songs. >> james: which one do you know? >> reggie: what was the first two again? (laughter). >> james: adventure of a lifetime, two to one, viva la vida nine to two, shoe, 16-four. which one of them. >> la individuala loca. (laughter). >> james: nothing would be better. nothing would be better than coldplay opens with rickey martin's living la individuala loca. so that's your answer, clearly this say man who knows what he is talking about and he's saying that cold play with open their
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